• Tyra Warner Hilliard

It's Here! I'm Somebody Now. ;-)

Remember that part in the movie "The Jerk" where the phone book comes and Steve Martin is so excited and says, "I'm somebody! My name's in print!" (And if not, check it out here.) That's me today, now that my new website is finally up.

I've been working on this for about six months. But it seems there is always something more important--work, family, sleep. But I finally made it a priority. Especially since my old website was getting buggier and buggier. In Wix's defense, though, they said, "This version is old as dirt and we're not supporting it any more. Get with the times already, dinosaur." I paraphrase.

Let me know what you think. My resident technical expert (my husband) has already told me I've made some grievous errors in colors and fonts. I nodded understandingly and kept those "errors" because they are reflective of my personality.

Carpe imperfection!


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