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Marrying Cybersecurity & Meetings

You know what's awesome about being old? No, seriously, stay with me here. What's awesome about being old and established is that people come to you. After many years, I no longer have to go out beating the grass trying to find opportunities. I have been around so long that really awesome, cool opportunities find me. Like this one!

A very smart woman who I used to work with, Kristin Lamoureux, called me up one day recently and said, "Hey, we (she works for Virginia Tech) want to do this really in-depth certificate program on cybersecurity, safety, and risk management for meeting and event professionals, what do you think?" And I said, "Why hasn't anyone done this before? It's brilliant!" So now the certificate program is planned and I get to be a part of it. Yay me!

It's really in-depth, five all-day courses on various aspects of this super-important topic. All delivered on Virginia Tech's satellite campus in Arlington, VA. Now lest you think this is an ad for same, I get paid the same whether 1 person registers or 1000. I'm an educator, I just get excited about good education. And Virginia Tech has nailed this one.

It's the Professional Certificate in Integrated Security, Analytics and Technology for Meeting and Event Professionals.

Dig it, I'm part of course 3 (and course 4). Come see all 5'2" of me battle for stage time with alpha males if nothing else. It's sure to be entertaining. :-) For those of you who really know me...I'll be putting away my true introvert and channeling my Xena, Warrior Princess.

Hope to see you there!


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